2013 Emmy Awards: Best & Worst Dressed

It’s the post you’ve all been waiting for (and by “waiting for”, I mean “accidentally clicked on). Let’s get to it.


Best Dressed!

5. Sofia Vergara
Vera Wang

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it” often isn’t the wisest advice, but it works so well for Sofia here. The fitted peplum-style waist nips in, and though the neckline plunges and cleavage is ample, the dress is actually quite structured and conservative elsewhere, so it stays safely on the right side of sexy. Keeping her hair long down her back was a winning move too, and if it’s possible to be a sexy senorita mermaid goddess, Sofia is it.


4. Kerry Washington

That muted colour with her gorgeous cocoa skin just knocks this out of the park. Plus, the detail on this dress is pretty incredible – Check out the subtle sparkle at the neckline and waist, that also filters down through the embroidery on the tulle skirt. The small train sells the whole thing. Classy but fun. On anyone else, this would be too busy, but Kerry keeps her accessories basic and her hair timeless. Just lovely.



3. Allison Janney
David Meister Signature

The cut of this dress is actually pretty classic and basic, but with Allison’s famous height and paired with that vibrant purple colour, a design that could be boring becomes elevated to something more. The float hem keeps it feminine, and the highlights in her hair pop against the purple hue. I’d also like to point out that Allison is 54, and looks better than most of her much, much younger colleagues. Yay CJ.



2. Carrie Preston
Romona Keveza

Very nearly became my number one. Just stunning. Who’d have thought that muted pink would have looked so amazing with Carrie’s trademark locks? The black buttons running down the back tie together a classic but sexy look, and her glittering earrings bring it home. I can see this one being replicated a lot. A LOT.

Carrie Preston at 2013 Emmys

1. Rose Byrne
Calvin Klein

What is it about this colour that is working so well this year? This amazing dress stands apart though, and Rose looks so incredible in it. The sneaky midriff is obviously a highlight, and kept in check by a higher neckline and conservative skirt. The slight crisscross at the waist adds interest, and her silver accessories pop against that blonde hair. This is a such a classic CK dress, a throwback to the designer’s most well-loved work of decades gone, and proof that they’re still relevant in 2013.

rose byrne


Honourable Mentions! **WARNING: CONTROVERSY AHEAD**

Vera Farmiga
Theyskens Theory



Elisabeth Moss
Andrew Gn




I’ve disliked Lena’s choices in the past because she’s looked so uncomfortable in what she wears. She shines in this, and honestly, I’d wear this myself. I love the matching eyeshadow, her pixie cut is properly adorable, and her ink looks amazing in the back. Love it. I await your angry letters.



Worst Dressed (also known as “NO! WHY?! BOOOOO!”)

Heidi Klum

I really don’t understand this woman. For someone so integral to the modern fashion industry, she is so inconsistent with what she chooses to wear. There’s taking risks, and then there’s this ugly neckline and cut.


Asher Monroe
Designer Unknown

I love Parenthood, and I sort of want to marry Mae Whitman so I hope she doesn’t get mad at me, but DUDE, what in the HELL is that god-awful life preserver doing under your suit? Did you lose a bet? Surely you lost a bet. Just, ugh.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals


Anna Faris
Monique Lhuillier

The dress itself is fine, but the shock of red lipstick across her mouth and that shapeless, heavy hair cut ruin what could have been a fashion winner. Anna is gorgeous, but that bright colour really called for muted make up, an up-do, and more accessories. Anna, fire your stylist.



Claire Danes

Mostly an addition due to the concave chest. I know you gotta be thin to work in Hollywood, but if young women get into their head that this is an acceptable way to look, I’m personally blaming Claire Danes. Eat a schnitzel, you’ll feel better. Also, I feel this was a bad choice with her broad shoulders. Fail all ’round.





Agree? Disagree? Got your own special mentions? Share them with me in the comments!

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