The HOLY CRAP! Product Recommendation of the Month

So, this is a new feature I’m adding to ARR, in an effort to find the best (affordable!) beauty products on the market, and give you balanced and budget-conscious beauty product reviews.

A little about me: I don’t really go to “professionals” for beauty-related stuff. I dye my own hair, do my own facials and treatments, manicures and pedicures, etc. I get my hair cut by a stylist, and that is pretty much it. Part of that decision is because I really love doing most stuff myself (fun! FUN!), but part of it is also because I really can’t afford a lot of professional services in the beauty world. I got quoted $260 for a cut, colour and blow-dry last week, and I almost fainted. No freakin’ way. I’d rather buy quality and affordable products and do what needs to be done at home, where it’s cheaper and a lot more fun.

With that in mind, here is my first HOLY CRAP! recommendation, and I will be posting these monthly.

HOLY CRAP! L’Oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner.

WHAT THE COMPANY SAYS: “The Mythic Oil Shampoo provides an intense nourishing cleansing experience. Hair is left cleansed, instantly nourished, disciplined and shiny.”

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WHAT IT ACTUALLY DOES: It does exactly as described. I’ve been using the Mythic Oil itself for a while, after it was gifted to me by my mama, and I’ve found it makes a fair difference to my hair. Of course, I’ve also been using a pretty average supermarket-brand shampoo & conditioner combo, so the oil was probably working hard to combat some of the grief that was giving my hair. Well, used in conjunction with the Mythic Oil Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner, the results are instant, and pretty much speak for themselves. My scalp is less oily, and I noticed slightly less hair fall as I was combing my wet hair. I didn’t even blow dry my hair afterwards, as I was having a shower in the evening (you bathe when you can with a toddler in the house), and though I went to bed with it slightly damp, I’ve woken up this morning to smooth, silky, manageable, HEALTHY hair, which blew my mind. You can feel that the shampoo is a little denser than other shampoos, and though it definitely foams up, it doesn’t got overboard, and feels quite nice when you rub it into your scalp. The conditioner is decent, and though it doesn’t emulsify as much as I’d like, the results are enough for me to overlook that. I’m shocked at how well it worked, and how instant the positive results were.

Below is a graphic showing the difference in what I was spending before, and what I’m looking at now. Like most folks, I’m on a budget, and major increases in spending will pretty much kill any big product changes or purchases. Obviously it’s a personal choice, but I tend to weigh up the results against the need and price. In this case, the results were spectacular, I do need to have clean hair, and the price… Well, that is outlined below.

beauty product reviews

So I’m looking at a slight increase of $1.31 per week for significantly nicer, healthier hair, which is all good. The biggest downside is that buying from eBay is far & away the cheapest option, so I need to be on the ball and order it a week before I’m going to run out. Other than that, consider me a convert! My hair is so sillllllllky, I can’t stop touching it.

Your next HOLY CRAP! recommendation will be in February.




[I’m not paid, employed or reimbursed in any way by the companies I feature in these posts]

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