Emmys 2014: Best & Worst Dressed

Another year, another red carpet. Back by popular demand, check out my best & worst dressed list for the Emmys 2014! There were only a few truly outstanding looks this year, but a lot of pretty great efforts, so the honorable mentions ┬álist ain’t small. Plus there’s a SUPER BONUS HAPPY FUN DRESS YAY that I just want to worship on an altar somewhere. But without further ado…



5. Lizzy Caplan
Donna Karan

Sometimes I forget this is the same woman from Mean Girls. The dress isn’t that complicated… High neckline, cut outs at the waist – it is definitely the contrasting colour that sells it, paired with minimal accessories and a sleek up do. Lizzy looks so damn stunning! But then, she’s has a great year with her fashion choices. Google it if you don’t believe me.

Lizzy Caplan


4. Kristen Wiig
Vera Wang

This is such an effortless look, and it really works for Kristen, who looks best when she isn’t trying too hard. Simple accessories and black strappy heels complete the look, but it’s her hair that sells it – talk about a blonde bombshell.



3. Gwen Stefani

I think this is one that will divide people. I just absolutely adore the outfit – sleek and futuristic separates, with that neckline that is daring enough to be sexy, but only flirts with controversy. I love the way the skirt falls from the hips, the blinged wrist wear and her equally sleek blonde hair. I personally would have slightly toned down the make up, but I godddd the outfit itself is divine. Nice to see something different walking the red carpet.



2. Natalie Dormer
J. Mendel

I was surprised more people weren’t bowled over by this incredible look that Natalie is rocking. Apart from being one of the most beautiful and authentic actresses working today, Natalie just freakin’ owns this colour-blocked, figure-hugging gown. I love the jewelled mid section that provides interest, the slight flare of the black hemline, her dark nails and THAT MERMAID HAIR. She’s otherworldly, and sort of looks like she’ll grant you a wish before she kicks your ass. So much yes.



1. Julia Roberts
Elie Saab Couture

I had to full-size this pic. This is, without a doubt, the best I’ve ever seen Julia Roberts look. I love how much fun she seems to be having with this short and sassy Elie Saab gown, giving her gorgeous heels the opportunity to share the spotlight. To me, this is absolutely what a red carpet look is about – having a ball, working your best assets (those LEGS, good lord), letting your hair down (figuratively and literally) and feeling great. I’d also like to add that this woman is 46, and proof that fun in fashion doesn’t stop when you leave your 20s. I can’t gush enough about this one. I’m so happy to see someone really enjoy what they’re wearing!

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals



Honorable Mentions!

Melissa McCarthy

(Mostly adding this one because I would wear this outfit every day, game over cheque pls).



Amy Pohler
Theia Couture



Sarah Silverman



Natasha Lyonne
Opening Ceremony

As with Julia, this is the best I’ve ever seen Natasha look. Glowing, happy, fun, healthy. Wonderful to see.






Sarah Paulson
Armani Prive

Look, I’m all for taking risks and having fun, and I can’t totally hate on this because I feel like SOMEONE has to try something new to see if it works… But god, didn’t Sarah look in the mirror when she tried this on and think “hmmm, this looks as though I’m being swallowed by a swarm of mosquitoes and lady birds”? The neckline really kills it. It’s just too much in too many places. Plus her hair stylist needs firing, pronto.



Katherine Heigl

I feel like she’s about to walk onto the set of a 1970s porno. Either that, or Meryl Streep lent her an Oscars dress from the 70s. Just terrible. Her hair colour is EXACTLY THE SAME COLOUR as her dress, and that is about 87 kinds of weird. Nope nope nope.


Mayim Bialik
Oliver Tolentino

I actually don’t hate this dress, I just think Mayim is absolutely the wrong person to be wearing it. The colour doesn’t work, the style is FAR too old for her, the jewellery is too much… I don’t know if it’s perhaps a lack of confidence in her own skin (and man, can us normal folks understand THAT), but this is so old and conservative, and just doesn’t belong on her at all. Maybe without the neck bling and the dress in black? I don’t know. I saw what she wore to the nominee function and it was gorgeous!






Don’t care what anyone says. This is amazing.




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