Golden Globes 2014 – Best & Worst Dressed

It seems fitting that my first post in this new home would be a best and worst dressed, always the posts that garner the most discussion amongst y’all. The Golden Globes are traditionally a fun and uber-glam red carpet, but I found the celebs to be a bit underwhelming with their choices this year. Not much risk, not much fun. Still, I scraped together a top 5, after hours of pouring through pics, and this is where I’m at this year.


5. Taissa Farmiga
Elie Saab


Adorable choice for this 19-year-old. The hemline above the knee is balance by the higher neckline, and the neutral make-up and shoes let her gorgeous hair and the dress speak for itself. Super fresh look for this young cutie.

4. Lena Dunham
Zac Posen

Zac Posen does such good work, seriously. This bright yellow number is so FUN and so LENA. The yellow makes her tatts pop, and it always seems like Lena is having the most fun with what she wears. The cut is really flattering too, nips in her waist perfectly. All kinds of good.

3.  Reese Witherspoon
Calvin Klein


Kind of a classic Calvin dress, but god that colour is gorgeous. I love Reese’s hair down like that, but actually, the first thing that made me go “ooooh” were those dark nails against that bright teal/aqua colour. Holy cow, that is cool. Not super risky, Reese pretty much always sticks with what works for her, but it’s the colour and what she’s done with it that makes it really work for me.

2. Emma Watson
Christian Dior

919211-1_l 773483-e4c0ac56-7c05-11e3-897f-d21e3ddd1df9 

PANT-DRESS. YES. Finally, someone actually going outside of the box on the red carpet this year. I fucking love this. The open back? YES. The pants? YES. The hair, the colours, the everything. There’s something about Emma too, a quiet confidence and intelligence, that really sells this. When I first saw the front, I thought it was a dress and liked it, and then I saw the flashes of dark colour through the splits in the dress, and got a bit too excited. Yes. Was so close to being number one, until I saw…

1. Jennifer Lawrence
Christian Dior


So Dior makes up my top two, and seriously, this Lawrence kid knows what she’s doing. The drop waist, the lip & nail colour with the edgy accessories, THAT HAIR, the monochrome colour combo. Plus, it’s just kind of her, isn’t it? I haven’t always been enamoured with Jen’s red carpet choices, but I feel like this one really speaks to her personality… A little saucy, a bit dark, but very edgy and out there too. Beautifully done, lady.

Honorable Mention!
(yes, only one this year – nothing else was worthy!)

Julia Roberts
Dolce & Gabbana


Mostly because this is DEFINITELY something I would wear. I love crisp white shirts, I would wear this every day and maybe also to bed.

Worst dressed!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus


It’s her hair, make up and… well, just her face lets her down, heh. I mean, there isn’t anything special about the dress anyway, but it doesn’t suit her, and she hasn’t accessorised it well to even try to fake it. I’ve loved stuff she’s worn previously, but Julia just didn’t seem to wanna try this year.

Heidi Klum


I always admire Heidi for trying something different, but it only seems to work about 40% of the time. The dress is average, though it may look better on someone else, especially without that bad 90s choker and super mum hair style.

Kristin Chenoweth


SUPER CUTE hair, Kristin. But you’re too lovely to hide under so much fabric! On someone taller, with long hair, I think this would work, and possible with a belt to cinch the waist. I feel like Kristin’s bubbly personality and style is lost under all that blue.

Cate Blanchett


Cate is essentially the pride of Australian cinema, so this is kind of painful for me. But yeah, I’m not feeling this at all. I think it’s the neckline. I’m all for different, I love risks, but something about that neckline makes Cate look much, much older than she is. I don’t think the hair and the earrings help. The fabric is lovely, and with a boring standard v-neck, I think it would be lovely. But not like this… Lord, not like this.


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