Golden Globes 2015 – Best & Worst Dressed

It’s that time of year, and as awards season kicks into gear, we saw some interesting looks on the Golden Globes 2015 red carpet (though a lot of pretty boring ones too). There is CONTROVERSY AHEAD I’m sure, so be warned!

Let’s keep the glass half full and start with the best dressed.



5. Amy Adams


I think it’s the colour that really gives me chills with this one. The neckline, the way the fabric wraps around her hips and the subtle train certainly don’t hurt either, as well as her understated jewellery and flowing gingery auburn hair, but that lilac-ish blue just pops against her skin, and contrasts beautifully with her hair colour. A big winner on several fronts, it would be seem.


4. Felicity Jones
Christian Dior


Another one where the colour really sells it, though the dress itself would be gorgeous in any colour. That rich teal colour works beautifully with her equally rich brown hair, and I love me a high neckline, especially when a sleek up-do is involved. Love the finger bling too. The gown nips in really beautifully at the waist, and the folds of fabric at her chest balance the voluminous A-line skirt really well. Just stunning.


3. Robin Wright
Ralph Lauren


Look at that sexy hint of midriff! Work it, Robin. Man, I love this. I love the contrasting fabric in the skirt, and the hint of ruching at the thigh. I love the midriff, long sleeve top, and the way the high neckline accentuates Robin’s cropped locks. I love the edgy clutch, and I love her arm candy. F’real, Robin always mixes it up on the red carpet, and it often works for her. This is another win.


2. Lorde
Narcisco Rodriguez


YES. Everything about this rules. I love the oversize blazer, which is a little 90s when paired when the midriff top. I love the neck bling, and the sleek up-do, and the pop of red lips. And I love, love LOVE those damn pants. Lorde is just the right amount of “alternative” (I hate that word, but it applies) on the red carpet – I love it when people break the rules and play with their look, but also keep it appropriate. This screams formal, and also screams “hell fucking yes!”. Adore it. And speaking of broken rules…


1. Emma Stone


Oh Emma. I bow to thee. This RULES. The hair that just tickles her bare shoulders, the bejewelled top that effortlessly works with the sash & back bow, and the crop of the pants with those heels that I’d maim small children to have. Half of the beauty in this look is just that it is Emma though – her attitude sells this just as much as her beauty does. I love her smirky smile, hands in pockets. Woman knows she nailed it. And boy, did she ever. I cannot stress enough how great this outfit is. 2015 – YEAR OF THE RED CARPET PANTS.



Lupita Nyong’o, Giambattista Valli



Kelly Osbourne, Edition by Georges Chakra



Laura Prepon, Christian Siriano



Jane Fonda, Versace





Rosamund Pike
Vera Wang

W_RosamundPikeI can’t be too harsh, ’cause this woman just gave birth and she’s wearing this damn thing, which is pretty epic. But like… did they not have a final fitting? It seems to fit really badly, or maybe it’s just the design and the way it works with Rosamund’s body shape… But yeah, I hate this. I don’t think it works on her body, with that hair cut, the whole bit. The straps are weird. The cut outs finish too high up on the hip. Just, nope. I mean, good on her. But nope.


Jennifer Lopez
Zuhair Murad


Ugh, how boring. WE GET IT, YOU HAVE TITS. WE GOT IT 15 FUCKING YEARS AGO AT THE GRAMMYS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Yeesh, move on, try something new!


Lena Dunham
Zac Posen


Another one where I think half the problem is that it doesn’t seem to fit properly. I love that Lena tries new things, and I seriously dig those shoes, but this flies right past “quirky” and straight to “ew, frump”. It really looks a couple of sizes too big for her – and not in a cute “oversized” kind of way. Nope.


Kristen Wiig
Delphine Manivet


Nothing about this is good. The fabric is awful – it looks like it wants to be brocade but they couldn’t afford it. The weirdo 70s neckline and skirt aren’t the least bit formal, and the sleeves cut her arms off weirdly. I don’t even like the wrist bling. Her hair is cute, and she usually looks great. But yeah, no. Unless you have an acoustic gig at a coffee house on the strip in 1974 right after the ceremony, there is no excuse for this.


Melissa McCarthy


I actually kind of feel bad about this, because apparently Melissa came up with this all on her own, and it is actually sort of close to looking great. I’m serious! Get rid of the pussy bow, use a stiffer, better fabric for the skirt and shirt (maybe a cotton blend for the shirt, a bengaline for the skirt?), make a little more figure hugging, and it would KILL. You’ve got boobs Mel, let them sell this! I really think it’s that flowy chiffon that ruins this from being something really smart and different, because it looks really soft, and this isn’t a soft outfit. The ruffles on the skirt need to go for sure. I love this woman, but this is pretty bad.




Keira Knightley, Chanel

I don’t know why, but I dig this. I think the dress itself works really well, the ruffled neckline and hem balance out the middle pattern, and the middle cinches in her waist beautifully. The matching wrist piece is really unique without being overbearing. I like that her hair is off her neck, and her warm cheeks and lip colour compliment the pattern on the dress. Back off haters, I WOULD WEAR THIS.




That’s it from me. See you for the BAFTAs red carpet in a few weeks, and then… THE OSCARS!


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