Road Test! A MYSTERY Mascara review

Last week, I was sent a MYSTERY mascara from the folks at Makeupsocial to review.


What do I mean by mystery? Well, here’s the deal, for the sake of full disclosure:
– Though the mascara was provided by Makeupsocial, I haven’t been paid for this review. These are my honest impressions of the product. There IS a “chance” to win $1k by participating, but this obviously won’t influence the outcome – don’t get me wrong, I’d love to win some cash, but since a grand ain’t gonna change my life, I figure it’s easier to just be straight up.
– The product has no label or markings of any kind – the only major problem with this is that I can’t tell you if it’s vegan or not, but it will certainly mean that this review is unbiased, as I obviously have no idea of the brand or formula involved.
– I was sent the product directly from Makeupsocial, and not from any other company or third party.

With that out of the way, here’s what I think – with fun pictures!

Firstly, the all important brush.

It’s a silicon/rubber brush, with a slightly curved edge. The separation of the bristles is good, and it felt easy to apply.
When you twist the wand out of the tube, a really good amount of product coats the brush – not too much, not too little, great for a quick and precise application. I had a good sniff of the tube and wand, and there wasn’t a lot of odor, another plus. I separated my lashes using my Tweezerman gold-tipped lash comb, but I didn’t have to work too hard, as the brush didn’t allow for much clumps in the first place, always a bonus.

Application was quick and painless.

This is what I looked like when I wore it. I put it on at about 10:30am.




I left it on overnight, and it lasted well until about 11pm – I noticed some flaking and bleeding at that time, but it seemed waterproof-ish. I stayed up until about midnight, and went to bed with it on (which is obviously not a great idea, but I wanted to give this baby a work out!), and when I woke up, the flaking and bleeding was only marginally worse. It came off easily with a cleansing towelette designed for removing eye make up.

I also just put some on my mum! She won’t let me take a picture, but she has a bit problem with having super long lashes that always rub against her glasses, and bleeds under her eyes. I put it on her about an hour and a half ago, and after some vigorous play fighting with my three year old, there isn’t a mark on her skin, and nothing on her glasses.


The Verdict!

It’s a pretty good product! I feel like there are higher-end products that deliver better results, and that this should be priced in a mid-range category. The brush and formula deliver well, but it does deteriorate after a period of time, particularly during an Australian summer! If this was well priced and competitive with other mid-range brands though, I’d absolutely call it a winner, because it seems like the application, brush and formula are great for people who aren’t great at using mascara, or who don’t wear it often – My mum is thrilled that she doesn’t already have panda eyes! I wish I knew if it was vegan, because that’d be a big plus for a lot of people (if I find out, I will of course report back!). I can see this being great for indoor work environments, and handy for on-the-go touch ups, because application is so quick. I wouldn’t recommend it for times when you know you’ve got to last more than 6 – 8 hours, like a wedding or special occasion, because I can see it flaking after several hours and several rounds on the dance floor. But since my mum has had such great results, if you’ve had trouble with mascara before, I absolutely recommend it!

Now, once I find out what it is, I can tell you where and how to buy it… Watch this space!



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    Connie says

    I am allergic to many mascaras and it would be helpful if the manufacture/ supplier had told you if the product was anti allergenic, however the review sounds promising and i will await further information from you, thanks!

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