Oscars 2015: Best & Worst Dressed

Ah, Oscars 2015. Man, this has been a difficult year. There have been a lot of good looking people at this thing! That said, there’s looking good and then there’s *~*fashion~*~, which aren’t always the same thing. I’m a little bored with the same strapless neckline, the same peplums, the same colours… So with that in mind, I’m dedicating this year’s Best Dressed to those who look good, who look like the FEEL good AND who shake it up a little – and they’re not all ladies!



5. Scarlett Johansson

ScarJoLet’s be honest, this is just a pretty simple halter dress, but the colour and that statement necklace absolutely knock this out of the park for me, particularly when being worn by arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet. That teal-y, forest green with the matching neck piece and the volume in her hair just sells this, and I love how the slight train on the dress stops it from feeling too top heavy. If you’re Scarlett’s stylist, pat yourself on the back, because this entire ensemble is outstanding. A+++, would compliment again.

4. Jared Leto

JaredLetoThis dude knows how to have fun within the confines of that darn standard-issue tux, and he does it so well, and with such attitude. I just love this gorgeous suit (I think it’s a lilac? It’s hard to tell from some shots/angles) by Givenchy, and with Jared’s now trademark long hair and his panty-dropping beard, it’s just a little on the Southern dandy side, which works for me. Part of what sells this is Jared himself, but isn’t that what fashion is all about? Sell it, man, ’cause I’m buying.

3. Anna Kendrick
Thakoom custom

AnnaKendrickI just love the way this colour really radiates against Anna’s pale skin, and how it somehow remains really classy and modest despite the cut out at the bust. Plus the way the fabric is cut and drapes down from her tiny waist, and sort of billows around her ankles… Just divine. Low key accessories ftw with that jewelled neckline, and I’m loving that “oh, I just twisted up my hair and happen to look this glam!” up-do. The dress itself ain’t exactly a game changer, but I love that Anna changes it up on the red carpet, from event to event – you don’t have to push the envelope to avoid being boring. Hell yes.

2. David Oyelowo
Dolce & Gabbana

DavidOI actually sighed quite dreamily when I first saw this come across my screen. Oh me oh my. That is a goddamn suit. This is one of those times when someone knows what works for them, and then just twists it a little so it feels fresh, original and FUN. It helps that David’s gorgeous skin melts beautifully against the deep red, and that the matching waist coat and bow tie add a little vintage frivolity to the whole thing. And those Jimmy Choo shoes – well, I’d wear the shit out of those, that’s all I’m saying. It’s tailored quite beautifully too, fits him like a glove. Well played, Oyelowo.

1. Margot Robbie
Saint Laurent

MargotRobbieI’m pretty sure everyone already knows that Margot Robbie is sexy. But in this dress, she’s just SEX. God damn. I mean, let’s talk about the effortless sex hair, that killer red pout and the way that stunning dress bares her arms, nips in at her waist, dips at her chest, and doesn’t show too much (or anything at all really!). I just love this mix of old Hollywood, grungey chic and pin up that she’s working. This is the kind of picture I’d send someone to put up in their locker or bunk when they’re alone at sea for a while… And I mean that as a compliment of the highest order. Songs will be written about this woman in this dress. Yes yes yes.


Honorable Mentions!

Emma Stone
Elie Saab


Keira Knightley

Is this the most lovely knocked-up-friendly gown we’ve seen at the Oscars? I’m calling it.


Rita Ora


Tegan & Sara
Yes, I’d wear one or both of these outfits… To the Oscars or just, y’know, around the house. Love.





Jennifer Lopez
Elie Saab


WEAR SOMETHING DIFFERENT. UGH. ALL YOU ARE IS A PAIR OF BOOBS. I can’t tell you how boring I find Jennifer Lopez’s body now. She’s gorgeous and all she wears is the same old shit.I actually would like this dress on someone else, minus the weird squashed boobs, but this is one strike too many Jen. Change it up, sheesh!

Octavia Spencer
Tadashi Shoji custom

OctaviaSI just think this isn’t nice on her, and it looks too old for her. It cuts her arms off weird, the colour is wrong, her hair should be worn a little different… I feel like she’s a sexy and younger woman who has been asked to tone it down. Boo to that. It’s not a bad dress – I’m sure there’s a mother-of-the-bride out there who’d maim a small village to wear it. But it doesn’t do Octavia justice, at all.

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike

This is all about the dress. The dress is bad. I do not like it. Nope nope nope. Put a similar cut dress (minus the weird leg and curved neckline and… yeah, maybe not similar at all) in a different style/colour on Rosamund, and I’m sure it’d be great. But no. I hate it.

Behati Prinsloo
Armani Prive


I must admit, part of what I find appalling about this is the hair. Just, no. Her ears and face call for a much softer hair style, and she looks like a primary school girl on picture day with hair like that. I mean, I don’t like the dress either – Can I just declare an end to the strapless peplum Oscar gown? PLEASE?! – and the accessories aren’t my bag either, but I think it’s just the styling that really kill it for me.




solange-knowles-hits-the-oscars-2015-red-carpet-04Bey can eat it. Solange 4 ever. I fucking love this pant suit dress thing by Christian Siriano and I fucking love her. The end.



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Thanks to Just Jared for a couple of the better pics xo

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