Golden Globes 2014 – Best & Worst Dressed


It seems fitting that my first post in this new home would be a best and worst dressed, always the posts that garner the most discussion amongst y’all. The Golden Globes are traditionally a fun and uber-glam red carpet, but I found the celebs to be a bit underwhelming with their choices this year. Not […]

What uppp?

So, we’re back up, but not fully launched. That’ll come later, with fun stuff. For now, I’ll be slowly moving the archive of older posts over from my other server, and posting new content as stuff happens. In the meantime, you can tweet, pin and harass me all you damn please. xo

2013 Emmy Awards: Best & Worst Dressed

It’s the post you’ve all been waiting for (and by “waiting for”, I mean “accidentally clicked on). Let’s get to it.   Best Dressed! 5. Sofia Vergara Vera Wang “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” often isn’t the wisest advice, but it works so well for Sofia here. The fitted peplum-style waist nips in, and […]

Oz the Great & Powerful (2013)

  There have been a few films set in the magical, fictional land of Oz; The timeless classic The Wizard of Oz, Return to Oz, The Wiz, plus the upcoming animated film Dorothy of Oz. Adding to that collection is this blockbuster from director Sam Raimi, Oz the Great and Powerful. A prequel of sorts, […]

Oscars 2013 – Best & Worst Dressed

Ah, the Oscars 2013. The fashion expectations are amped up so drastically at the Academy Awards, and the line between “amazing” and “fail” can often be very, very small. The celebs really turned up the glamour in 2013, and whilst many got it so very right, many got it so very, very wrong. Best Dressed! […]